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Whether you are new to Meridian, Kuna, Nampa or Boise, or are just looking for a new family dental care provider, Advantage Dental Center can fill your needs.

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We Keep you at peace

So many of us have grown up going to dentists that have caused us to hate or fear going to the dentist. Patient’s comments are the best example of what Dr Richins has been able to do to ease their fear and hatred of going to the dentist.

Hygiene Highlights

Our hygienist gives plenty of wonderful advice. However, once we leave the dentist office, it’s hard to remember everything. Here are some suggestions for many of the common patient concerns we often hear about.

Using The Latest TEch

Technology is a wonderful thing, and advancements are being made in dentistry often. Dr Richins spends a lot of time researching the new technology to be sure he serves his patients in the best way possible.

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Time For A Cleaning?

Words of wisdom from our Hygienist! Ever wonder why we get our teeth cleaned every 6 months? You may be thinking "well, it's because that's what my insurance covers and I want to get my money’s worth from them!" or maybe you're thinking "I want white teeth and fresh...

Sharpen Your Pencils!

Sharpen Your Pencils! Elisa, our hygienist, is wanting to redecorate her office and we need your help. Please choose from one of these pictures, color it and bring it into our office, post it to Facebook and tag us (@advantagedentalmeridian) or email it to us by...

Broken Tooth

Usually when a tooth breaks off at the level of the gums, the only option is to extract it and then replace it with an implant or a bridge.  Both of these options are expensive.  If the root is in good shape and long enough, a procedure called P.E.T....

No School Dates!

With summer break over and school just starting the idea of getting kids into the dentist gets put on the back burner.  For many parents the ideal is to schedule dental appointments on days when the kids do not have school. We looked into the School District...