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Patient Testimonials

  • You will Love your dentist again, Dr. Richins changes lives.

    Charles Bagley Avatar
    Charles Bagley

    5 star ratingDr Richins is one of the best dentist in town! I've been going to him for over 20 years and... Read More

    Porsche C. Avatar
    Porsche C.

    Far and away the best dentist I been to. Way better dentist than fishermen. Would highly recommend!

    Collin Leino Avatar
    Collin Leino
  • Today’s visiting was very comfortable. Kassy, the hygienist was skillful and fast. I had to numb my gum tissue for... Read More

    kay K. Avatar
    kay K.

    Just the treatment I needed, thanks to my lazy parents � props to you guys! ��

    John F. Bartus Avatar
    John F. Bartus

    Dr. Richins had to do a lot of intricate work in my mouth today. I don't nub very well naturally... Read More

    Sherry Y. Avatar
    Sherry Y.
  • positive review Best staff and welcoming office!

    Courtney Andrus Avatar
    Courtney Andrus

    Love the staff! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They make you feel very comfortable.
    The dental hygienist is...
    Read More

    Sally D. Avatar
    Sally D.

    5 star ratingI went to this office with the reasoning it was listed as a dentist that accepted our insurance. I figured... Read More

    Timmy M. Avatar
    Timmy M.

A Note from our dentist

I have been asked many times: Why do I care about how my patients are feeling?

One of my earliest memories of dentistry was Dr. Stringham’s drilling away and me screaming because it hurt!  He would say, trying to be funny, “I hear a fire engine.” My unspoken response was always “Are you crazy? That’s me!”  When a new dentist finally moved into town I was so glad that not only did he get me numb, he gave me laughing gas. Dental appointments were no longer stressful.  When I decided to become a dentist, I promised myself that no patient would have to go through what I did as a child. Read More…

Featured Services

Whether you are new to Meridian, Kuna, Nampa or Boise, or are just looking for a new family dentist, Advantage Dental Center can take care of your dental wants and needs.

Smile True

SmileTRU aligners are clear repositioning trays that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted without having big metal brackets on your teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth.  You can reclaim the use of your that space and your confident smile with a dental implant.

Family Dentistry

From the very young to the young at heart – we are able to treat you and your family.  We offer many services to accomidate you at any stage of your life. 

Dental Fear

Many people have a fear of the dentist. You are not alone.  See what we can do to put you at ease and make your visit more comfortable.

Recent Blog Posts

“Stay Home” & Calm

“Stay Home” & Calm

Have a little extra time on your hands?  Sharpen your pencils!  We’ve got something for you to do! We have some fun pictures you can download and color.  Use them to pass the time OR you could send them back to us when completed and enter our contest!   We have 2...

Following COVID-19 Recommendations

Following COVID-19 Recommendations

We have the best patients in our office.  We appreciate you, and want you to know how wonderful we think you are.  We thank you for your support over these many years and the trust and confidence you have in our treatment.  We take every precaution to make sure that...

Goodness In the Valley

Goodness In the Valley

Many of us are going through and have gone through trials in our life.  It is good when we can step outside of our stress and situations and help others.  When we offer service to others it helps make our problems a little more bearable. We recently witnessed one of...

How do you brush your teeth?

How do you brush your teeth?

Did you know that February is Children's Dental Health Month? Our Hygienest- Kassy,  and Chelsea went to visit a Kindergarten class in the area.  They were able to talk to with the kids about proper brushing and flossing.  Chelsea made teeth models out of marshmallows...

Oh Dentis-tree

Oh Dentis-tree

 Our wonderful Chelsea heard about a tree decorating for a cause event.  Lindsay Hansen Agency sponsored the event.  The winner received a $500 donation to the charity of their choice.  We chose the Women's and Children's Alliance.  The tree with the most likes would...

Dentistry at its finest

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions our dentist has received from patients.  Questions like what is decay, why do I need a crown and is a tooth worth saving? Read for yourself…

Hygiene Highlights

Our hygienist gives plenty of wonderful advice. However, once we leave the dentist office, it’s hard to remember everything. Here are some suggestions for many of the common patient concerns we often hear about.

Using The Latest Tech

Technology is a wonderful thing, and advancements are being made in dentistry often. Dr Richins, our dentist, spends a lot of time researching new technology to be sure he serves his patients in the best way possible.