Hygiene Highlights

Our great Hygienist is always gives such great advice to everyone regarding their dental care that we decided to dedicate a page to her! Here are some of her favorite products and words of wisdom.


Soft toothbrush: You wouldn’t want to rub sand paper on your arm twice a day, why would you want to do that to your gum tissue? A firm toothbrush can have similar abrasive damage to your teeth and cause your gums to recede.

Electric Toothbrush: either Sonicare or Oral B are great options.

Waxed floss: Woven floss has more texture which allows it to pull more food debris and bacteria from between your teeth. Sometimes people have difficulty using woven floss because it is thicker and can shred when flossing around crowns and fillings. In which case any waxed floss will do. Any floss is better than not flossing.

Flossers: These are a good way to floss with one hand. I often recommend these to people trying to incorporate the habit into their daily routines. They are quicker to grab and you can use them in the car, at the office or performing other tasks.

Waterpik: We like the travel size. They can be taken into the shower or on a trip and they don’t take up space on your countertop either.

Colgate Total: It has stannous floride in it, which has anticavity, antigingivitis properties.

Natural Toothpaste: Tooth and Gums Tonic or Toms of Maine for those who prefer a natural alternative.

Periodontic Care

Water Pik W/PikPocket Tips – the rubber tip is able to rinse below the gumline. Apply the Listerine in the water pik to…

Proxabrushes: for spacing between teeth

Sulcabrush: for furcations.

End Tufts: a small head brush for special maintenance concerns

Butler G-U-M Stimulator: Helps promote healthy, firm gums

For Sensitivity

Sensitive Toothpaste – in any brand

Extra fluoride ACT Mouthwash

Soft Toothbrush

Using an electric toothbrush with a pressure indicator

MI Paste


Dry Mouth

Biotene: This is a Saliva Stimulant. The mouthwash can be purchased at almost any store. Biotene also has Gel, Spray, and other products that are mostly available online. Sometimes people find that one form of Biotene works better for them than another. So if you’re not having success – make sure to try a different kind.

Xylitol: Candies or gum can also be used as a saliva stimulant. Xylitol is an alcohol based sweetener that kills cavity causing bacteria.

ACT: **Alcohol Free. This will supply your teeth with additional fluoride that will remineralize any areas that may be showing signs of decay.


ACT: **Alcohol Free. This will supply your teeth with additional fluoride that will remineralize any areas that may be showing signs of decay.

WaterPik: with ortho head to clean in between your teeth and around brackets.

Superfloss: can be purchased at walmart, Egay, Amazon, Rite-Aid, Walgreens and Target. It is a string of floss that has the threader attached to it so you don’t have to use 2 different products.

Platypus Flosser: a smaller flosser thta is easier to travel with

Oral B: Electric TB w/ortho head. If you already have an Oral B troothbrush you can purchase an ortho head to make brushing easier and more effective.

After Ortho: For those with a lingual retainer – SuperFloss or WaterPiks will help keep it clean.