Lasers in Dentistry – Laser that Canker Sore!

 Why do we get canker sores and how long do they last?

Canker Sores can come from a variety of different things: citric fruits, nuts, stress, biting your cheek, cutting your gums, or spicy foods have been known to cause canker sores.  They can hurt for 7 to 10 days and can last anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the severity.

Everybody hates canker sores!!  I got a really bad one a few weeks ago.  Here is my story:

On Sunday I noticed a canker sore.  I hate them!  It seems like you always bump them and it causes you to try not to let anything touch it.  Well this one was under my tongue!  It was in the worst place possible because I would bump it every time I swallowed.  That night it felt like I woke up to swallow because it would rub and hurt.  The next morning I was talking funny trying not to let the canker sore rub when I talked.

On Monday I had Kassy, our hygienist, use the Biolase Laser on it.  It was a cool procedure.  It didn’t hurt.  It felt a little warm and it felt better for a few hours.  That night I slept better but it still hurt. 

On Tuesday I had her laser it again.  It felt better and I wasn’t talking funny anymore.

On Wednesday the site was a little sore, but not the pain I had been feeling.

By Friday there were barely any traces of the canker sore!  It was amazing!  I was so grateful I could cut down the time of pain and discomfort.

If you have a canker sore or cold sore and want to get rid of it faster – Call the office and we can laser it!

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