Do It Yourself Extractions

How do you pull your teeth?

After 25 plus years in dentistry.  I have heard of many innovative methods of baby tooth removal.  Our dentist’s, Dr Richins’, first experience was when his father placed a string on his tooth and a doorknob.  His dad then slammed the door and extracted his first tooth for the Tooth Fairy. 

Recently a young patient of ours decided to use a Nerf gun for his baby tooth removal.  He tied a piece of floss to his tooth.  He tied the other end of the floss to a Nerf bullet.  Loaded the bullet into the gun & shot out his tooth.

He is 3 for 3!  He has shot all 3 teeth out himself.

We are looking for any creative and safe methods of baby tooth removal you can share with us.  Remember, if it is not extremely wiggly or hasn’t come out in the normal time frame – call us first! 

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