Broken Tooth

Usually when a tooth breaks off at the level of the gums, the only option is to extract it and then replace it with an implant or a bridge.  Both of these options are expensive.  If the root is in good shape and long enough, a procedure called P.E.T. (Partial Extraction Technique) may work to save the tooth at a much lower fee.  When feasible, the tooth is loosened, pulled partly out and sutured in place.  After 8-12 weeks of healing, a root canal is performed and then it is ready for a crown.  If you have a broken tooth – call us to find out if this procedure could benefit you.

This tooth was broken.  You can see that the broken tooth is below the gum line.

This picture was taken 10-9-17.

 This is the same tooth on

1-10-18.  Notice that the tooth is solid and ready for a crown.