Goodness In the Valley

Many of us are going through and have gone through trials in our life.  It is good when we can step outside of our stress and situations and help others.  When we offer service to others it helps make our problems a little more bearable. We recently witnessed one of these experiences in our office.

We had a patient in our office who had a larger than expected balance.  She is going through many difficulties right now and the balance in our office seemed to be that tipping point.  She left our office with a plan but we could tell she was still worried about it.

When another patient came to pay her balance she asked if she could put a certain amount on the other patient’s account.  She said she knew where she was coming from and that she was in a similar situation at one point in her life. She asked to remain anonymous as I am sure most people around this area would.

We have wonderful patients in our office willing to help those that they have never met.  It isn’t just in our office but our whole community. Treasure Valley is filled with so many people who are willing to look around them and see who is in need.

I had a friend that moved from the Boise area to another state.  When we were talking he said there is just a different feel in this area.  People will smile at you when you are walking on the sidewalk. They will help you when your bag of groceries drops and scatters and they will hold the door open for anyone they meet.  In a world that seems to be focused on the one person trying to get ahead of others we can find kindness in people who call this wonderful place home.

So thank you to this wonderful patient that was an example to us. Everyone we meet is going through their own hardships, trials and even happy times in life.  May we all think the best of others, be a little kinder and help those we meet.



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