SmileTRU Invisible Aligners

SmileTRU Invisible Aligners instead of braces?

SmileTRU Invisible Aligners will straighten your teeth without the look or discomfort of braces.  Patients like this option because the trays are removable allowing you to eat whatever you want, meaning, there are no dietary restrictions while your are straightening your teeth.  The trays are also clear, making them less noticeable by others. Adults, especially, like having orthodontic treatment without having a mouth filled with metal.


What is SmileTRU?

SmileTRU will use trays similar to bleaching trays or mouth guards that reposition your teeth.  You will be given a series for aligners that will be changed out every two weeks.   You will be making monthly visits to the dentist to evaluate your progress and allowing him to monitor that movement is happening as it should as well as watch for any signs of decay or movement obstructions.

Am I a good candidate for dental aligners?

SmileTRU is able to treat most people.  You can visit the dentist where he can do a diagnostic evaluation to see if you could benefit from these dental aligners.  If you are not a candidate then we are able to use traditional forms of orthodontics (braces).  Contact us to find out more information 208-884-0888

Need a new smile faster?

Some patients don’t have the time to wait for braces or aligners to straighten their teeth.  If you have a big event coming up or want results faster composite or porcelain veneers can be placed on your front teeth allowing you to have straight teeth in a matter of weeks.  Contact us to see what other services we may offer.