The first time I remember seeing lasers was on a Star Wars movie.  It seemed like the guns they used never seemed accurate in hitting their targets and they couldn’t be real.  Well – now people use lasers every day.  Even in your dentist office.  Your dentist could be a Jedi – well – at least use a laser.

Here is our Waterlase Laser.  We use it for many things. 

If a patient has a new cavity we are able to remove it without even having to get our patients numb.

It can be used on your gums too.  If you have a gap between your teeth and large piece of skin.  That skin can be removed.

Swollen gums around a tooth can make brushing difficult.  The laser can reduce the swelling and help restore your gums to a healthy state. 

It can also be used to remove lesions and bone tori from your mouth.


Another laser we use is called Biolase.  Biolase is remarkable.  This fantastic technology can help us treat so many dental issues.  It can be used to painlessly kill bacteria under the gums to help heal gingivitis and gum disease. 


It can also be used to stop the pain of canker sores (click here for a story about it).  It can rapidly heal and reduce the pain and duration of oral cold sores.  We can even treat facial muscle pain caused by TMJ problems. 

Lasers aren’t science fiction anymore.  We have found many uses for them in our dental office.  If you have any questions or would like to see if these lasers can be used on you, call or text us at 208-884-0888.